In 2013, when the Vice President of Sales decided to loose weight and start his journey to a healthy lifestyle it was difficult. He was working full-time at a ski resort in the Buffalo New York area and buying supplements became very costly. In order to help with making ends meet, he was lucky to have his parents help supplement his income and support his lifestyle changes. During his journey, he found information he received was always different depending on the store, so he decided to become an expert. This passion led to opening Gym Ratz Nutrition. He knew there had to better way to provide knowledge, value, and amazing products at a low cost while providing individualized attention to the customers. So, he packed his bags and moved back home in Southern Maryland. 

On April 2014 with his family's support , Gym Ratz Nutrition opened at the Farmers Market in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. Then on July 14th, 2014 Gym Ratz Nutrition opened for business at our Mechanicsville location.  This store was designed on the whole concept of bring amazing price, value, and product knowledge to our customers.  Gym Ratz Nutrition prides itself on it unique products and pricing structure to beat any price in Southern Maryland. 

We are always looking for new product to bring into the store. Sticking with the Vice President of Sales vision, Gym Ratz Nutrition is not about selling products, but providing the best product that fits the customer. We pride ourselves on our amazing honesty and customer service. Since our initial opening, we now offer healthy shakes and smoothies.
The President and Vice President of Marketing are both retired Air Force service disabled veterans. So Gym Rats Nutrition gives a 10% discount to support our Military (Active-Duty & Retired only), Law Enforcement and the First Responders.